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Här kommer lite nyheter från ICM.



ICM från Ukraina har nu i dagarna gett ut ett par nya byggsatser. Det handlar om en ubåt i skala 1:144 och en tysk personbil i skala 1:35.



U-Boat Type IIB (1943)

Katalognr S.010, skala 1:144.

The coastal Type II U-Boats were became the first vessels of this class, that were built in Germany after the end of WWI. In the end of 1942 six Type IIB U-Boats were transferred to the Black Sea. They were used there up to September 1944.


Typ G4 (W31) med suffletten uppfälld.

Katalognummer 35532, skala 1:35.

This particular kit is the very first attempt by ICM to release a Typ G4 (W31) plastic kit in 1:35 scale into the market. Highly detailed chassis, engine and body interior-Open cover details are included.


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