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2009-01-22 18:20 #0 av: ElLobo

For our Englishspeaking readers, we will try to give you some information.

Welcome to Modellbygge iFokus!

In this English section of the forum, we want to give all you foreign newcomers to Modellbygge iFokus a warm welcome!

What is Modellbygge iFokus then?

It's a modelling forum based in Sweden, but we have members from abroad as well. Modellbygge iFokus (e g Model building in focus) is covering everything about modelling and related issues like construction techniques, painting & finishing, tools, kits, research, events and so on.

Everybody with a genuine interest for building models are very welcome to this forum. There are several different builders among the members, we have both experienced builders and beginners. But we all have one thing in common, we love building models!

So sit back and enjoy, or present your very own project or just show us pictures of your models. Have fun, and hope you all will enjoy your visit here at Modellbygge iFokus!

If you have a problem or question you have come to the right place - do not hesitate to ask.


//The team behind Modellbygge iFokus


2009-01-22 18:24 #1 av: ElLobo

The discussion sections


2009-01-22 18:25 #2 av: ElLobo

Writing posts


2009-01-22 18:26 #3 av: ElLobo

More information will follow when ready ... Glad 


2009-05-20 17:21 #4 av: ElLobo

Now we have a post with a link to Google languague tools.

Please take a look! Glad


Modellbygge in English!   



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